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Problem: Misconceptions of Hospice Care

Hospice Care is widely regarded as a death sentence. Many family members are reluctant to agree to hospice care for their loved ones because they feel their loved will no longer receive adequate care for their condition. As a general rule, a person qualifies for hospice care if they have a progressive disease, that regardless of what treatment is administered. If the disease runs its normal course, the life expectancy for the patient is approximately six months or less..

Despite the increase in hospices and reimbursement benefits, hospice is underused and may be unproductive. Cancer patients have been reported to have shorter stays than other individuals. Both physicians and patients tend to delay hospice care until death is close.

“Hospice is not simply about death management,” says Craig C. Earle, MD, MSc (Boston, Massachusetts). “High-quality palliative care has long-term benefits for patients.” Hospice benefits patients' quality of life, family satisfaction, and cost effectiveness. One study found that hospice care increased survival for people with lung, pancreatic, or colorectal cancer.

Avodah Home Care understands that caregivers can make difference in the lives of the patients and their families. We ensure that the caregivers that are a part of the “Extra Eyes” Program possess the following skills:

  • Compassion

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Great Attention to Detail

  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Cleanliness

  • Patience

  • Initiative.

Contact us today and ask us about our “EXTRA EYES” PROGRAM", an Enhanced Facility Sitter Program which provides a dedicated patient advocate which has proven to be a valuable resource in ensuring the recovering patient is getting the best care from the best people.

Call us NOW 1-888-310-3423, we look forward to serving you.

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