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“Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

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Avodah Home Care is built on the foundations of servant leadership. The word “Avodah” means work, worship, and service. These are all the qualities and characteristics that exist within our caregivers. They strive to provide consistent care that ensures improvement for your loved one’s quality of life. Every action we take is to serve your family and The Most High God, Yahawah.

Our mission is to ensure your loved ones continue to live their lives in the most peaceful and comfortable way possible. Being an elderly or mentally disabled person doesn’t mean you have any less right to an amazing life. We have helped numerous people improve their quality of life by allowing our caregivers to become the newest addition to their family’s support system. 

Our professional caregivers are here to provide the people you hold most dear with the love and support they need to keep on living, not just existing. We understand that you don’t want your loved ones to be stuck at home alone while you take care of the other responsibilities you have in your life, but these other obligations are also priorities you can’t simply ignore. Allow us to step in and be the helping hand you need to make sure your loved ones are well taken care of while also continuing to live your life as well.

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Get Back to Your Life

Get Back to Your Life, get back to your state of normalcy.


24/7 Availability

Always Open and Always Available to Serve Your Needs.


Excellent Quality of Life

 We promote independence and want to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the service we provide.


Give us the chance to show you why Avodah Home Care is the right choice for you

The choice is yours but make the right one and choose us.

Take Back Control

Excellent Quality of Life

We Are Always Available

You have a long life to live so get back to it! There is no need for you to feel guilty for allowing us to step in and be the primary caretaker for your loved one. They deserve consistent attention and care. You’ve done such an amazing job getting them to this point so allow us to take over and dedicate our services to improving their quality of life.

We understand that your loved ones will need assistance with many daily tasks. Ensuring they maintain their dignity and respect is our main priority. It’s never easy to ask for help especially from people who are external to your normal family support system. Allow us to become an integral part of that system.
At Avodah Home Care, we know it takes a special person to be able to care for an even more special person. Our caregivers will provide your loved ones with all the assistance they need whenever they need it. It doesn’t matter if this is in the form of a fulltime caregiver or a caregiver who just helps out for a few hours a week. We are always here to help.

There is never a time when you can’t get in contact with one of our caregivers. We understand the well-being of your loved ones can’t just be put on hold. Our services are always open and available to serve your needs. Never let the obstacles that life throws at you stand in the way of getting the help you need. We are here whenever you’re ready.

Our Team

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Emily Austin is our Zone 8 Home Care Marketing Coordinator for Avodah Home Care. She was born and raised in Anderson, SC. She is a graduate from Lander University in Greenwood, SC with both her bachelor's and master's in marketing and healthcare management. Her job at Avodah Home Care is to show how much home care can relieve your loved ones’ while being loved yourself. Her heart is in home care, special needs, elderly, veterans, and the ability to give back to the ones that have loved you oh so well throughout the years. Home care is very personal to her as she witnessed how helpful and special it was to have home care help her grandmother during her fight with Glioblastoma.

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I have been in the homecare field for over 20 years. It started with caring for my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer, then took care of my mom when she was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. I also helped a friend's dad that had Alzheimer's disease. I absolutely loved caring for others and saw such a need in this field. So I decided to start my own business in caring for people in their own home. My Goal is to provide home healthcare clients with an unsurpassed level of personalized care by being dedicated to employee education and client satisfaction.

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Lacorial Hanner is a Client Care Coordinator with Avodah Home Care and a former nursing assistant. She has been in Healthcare for over 10 years. Her calling in life is to take care of people that are in need. She will do her best to make sure your love one's are provided with the best care. Here at Avodah Home Care, YOUR Family is OUR Family.

What People Are Saying


Angie M, Family Member

"Avodah Home Care has been professional, reliable and flexible.  I have never had to worry about service.  I am extremely comfortable with the aides caring for my parents.  Our experience has been wonderful and we would not hesitate to recommend Avodah Home Care."


Sara R, Client

"My husband and I are happy with the services we are receiving from Avodah Home Care.  We were happy from the first phone call we made and a live person actually answered the phone.  Ever since then, the company has been great at getting us help whenever we need it."


Jackie B, Client

"Thank you for everything you have done over the last 6 weeks,  Kim has done an outstanding job.  She has been very helpful  in helping me maintain my independence.  She keeps me company,, makes sure I take my medicines on time and helps with everyday tasks.  Her presence has been very important in helping me handle daily stress."


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