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Even If an Aging Senior Refuses Home Care Now, They Could Change Their Mind in Time

Even if aging seniors initially refuse home care, they may eventually reconsider, making it essential for family members to be patient and supportive.
Home care helps supoort seniors as they age in place in a dignified manner that promotes their independence.
Home care helps supoort seniors as they age in place in a dignified manner that promotes their independence.

It can be extremely frustrating when an elderly parent needs assistance with activities of daily life (ADLs) and turns to you for everything. You don’t want to let them down. They’ve been so good to you throughout your life. The last thing you want is for them to think you don’t appreciate it, don’t really care, or don’t want to help them.

You may even understand home care is available, but you have been shot down time and time again. Maybe it was a sibling, your other parent, friends, or even the senior who needs support told you not to bother talking about elder care, including home care options for seniors.

This happens to many people. As people get older, they tend to turn to family first. If you’re an adult child who lives close by, that is the person your aging mother or father is going to turn to first for assistance.

In the beginning, though, it might seem relatively minor or tame. They may need help getting something up from the basement or doing some grocery shopping for them. In time, though, as somebody who is struggling with their physical capabilities notices how much easier it is with you around, they start calling you more and more frequently.


How long ago did you talk about home care options?

You may have brought up the topic of home care options for this senior month or even years ago, and it caused tension. You can’t change that, nor are you responsible for how somebody acts in any given situation.

The only thing you can control or be responsible for is your own actions and your own words. Too often, people assume that when somebody dismisses a topic like home care, that’s it, end of discussion. They think they can never bring it up again.

That’s not true. As people age and face increasing challenges with their physical abilities or health, they will turn to their loved ones more and more frequently. If your aging mother or father recognizes that the work you’re doing as a family caregiver is taking a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally, or even relationally, they will most likely be open to the idea of home care services once again.


What if they are refusing home care now?

First, you should set limits on your time and effort. Tell this person you will be available only certain days a week and only a certain number of days each week, at most.

Tell them why. Explain all the other responsibilities you have to take care of throughout the week, including your health and well-being.

Learn as much as you can about home care support services. Then, you will answer questions he or she may have as time passes. The more they need help, the more you have already set limits and boundaries on how much you can offer, and the more they will start to realize the value home care offers.



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