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What To Do If a Senior Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

24-Hour Home Care: Senior Cancer in Columbia, SC
24-Hour Home Care: Senior Cancer in Columbia, SC

Caring for your mom or dad in the final stages of life can be hard and stressful. Adding in a cancer diagnosis, you might be feeling down and pretty lost on what your loved one needs. Hiring 24-hour home care can truly help with the feelings of stress and uncertainty and can allow you to better focus on your parent’s mental health rather than physical care. This can be especially helpful when your loved one has been diagnosed with any type of cancer. Here are some things you should do when your loved one is diagnosed with cancer.

Get More Help

If your elderly loved one has already moved in with you, that’s wonderful, but you may need more help. On the other hand, a lot of seniors, even those with cancer, wish to remain in place and age in their homes. This can be scary for you to even think about. But there are people like 24-hour home care who can help watch your loved one, ensure they make it to all appointments, and keep you posted with their appointments and needs. Hiring extra help means you have time to focus on the needs that may go neglected if you try to do everything by yourself. Battling this alone is the easiest way to get burnt out as a family caregiver.

Don’t Panic

It’s easy to immediately jump to the end and take this as a death sentence, especially if your mom or dad are older. But the most important thing you can do is not panic and not let your mind wander there. This is not a death sentence, and with the right doctor, they can make it through this, and so can you. It is scary, but listening to the doctor and setting up help before treatments start is crucial. Take a calming breath and be the anchor that your senior mom or dad will need throughout this treatment and time.

Focus on Health

It may seem silly, but focusing on routines, healthy habits, and a healthy lifestyle can give someone the motivation and strength they need to pull through this phase in their life. If they have developed healthy habits, this is not the time to let them slip up. It’s more important than ever to keep going and to keep working through this. Having a solid routine is another way to feel anchored, and having something consistent will help them get through the day. If they do not yet have one, it’s time to create a healthy lifestyle routine to help them.

Ask The Who They Want to Know

Believe it or not, a senior may want to keep this private. Whether it is not to worry anyone or they just want to work through it on their own, they have a right to keep this private. Communication should always be open with their doctors and 24-hour home care professionals, but that does not mean they must let everyone know what is happening. They should have support, but they should choose who they tell and when they tell it to someone. So, before you tell anyone, always have that talk with your elderly loved one.


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