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Are You Tired But Too Anxious to Sleep?

Learn how focusing on proper sleep habits and considering 24-hour home care can improve the quality of life and emotional health of seniors facing sleep issues due to stress, anxiety, or excitement.
24-hour home care can help seniors struggling to sleep.
24-hour home care can help seniors struggling to sleep.

Are you feeling tired but can’t sleep? You may be having nervous or anxious thoughts, or you may be too excited about something. No matter what keeps you up, there are still ways to fall asleep.

Getting older does not mean you need less sleep; in fact, your sleeping habits will also impact your quality of life and emotional health. Focusing on going to bed at the right hour and getting enough sleep is absolutely crucial when you choose to age in place, and 24-hour home care can help.

Here are some things you can do when you are too anxious, stressed, or even excited to sleep.


Hire 24-Hour Home Care

Not everyone who can’t sleep needs to hire 24-hour home care services, but as a senior aging in place, if you find that you are stressed more than one night, you may need more help around the house.

If managing a house is stressing you out and keeping you up at night, 24-hour home care is the best professional to help you when you need it. Having someone there to help at all hours may provide a lot of relief, which can help you get to sleep at night.


Focus on a Nighttime Routine

Sometimes, if you have an exciting day the next day or you have just come home from an exciting event, it can be hard to unwind. A good nighttime routine is one of the best things a senior can have already in place. This means having something in place that will help you unwind.

You can take a bath, get changed, and drink a cup of tea. Or maybe you want to read a book and drink a glass of water. Whatever your routine is, you should do it every night because your body will get used to it, and it will help cue your body into becoming tired enough to fall asleep even after an exciting day.

24-hour home care professionals can help seniors start and maintain helpful routines, including nighttime.


Stop Watching TV

This doesn’t mean a senior has to stop watching TV forever, but it does mean your loved one should stop watching TV before bed. Sometimes, TV screens—and any screen, to be honest—can impact how well a senior falls asleep at night. A TV show may keep them up, but it won’t actually help put their minds at ease. Try reading or writing before bed instead of looking at any screen.


Take a Look At Diet

If a senior is drinking caffeine before bed this won’t help them fall asleep. It may actually wire them up more. However, this can also be true if they are eating tons of sugar and processed foods. Your diet will always play a crucial role in how you feel and even how well you can get to sleep at night.

If a senior needs help preparing fresh foods and understanding whether or not ingredients have caffeine, 24-hour home care can help. Watching a senior’s diet will impact their emotional health and whether they are too wired to sleep.



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