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Avodah Home Care – Dual Discharge Program

Avodah Home Care - Dual Discharge Program
Avodah Home Care - Dual Discharge Program

Avodah Home Care – Dual Discharge Program offers a Medicare defined discharge plan as the process of determining the type of care a patient requires when leaving a medical facility. The transition from the hospital to the patient’s home should be as safe and as smooth as possible.

The American Medical Association and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) provide recommendations for discharge planning, but no system is universally used in US hospitals. According to research, excellent planning and follow-up can improve patient health, reduce hospital readmissions, and reduce health care costs.

In general, a discharge plan consists of the following:

  • · Evaluation of the patient by trained specialists

  • · Discussion with the patient and/or their representative and their participation in the planning

  • · Comparing pre-hospitalization and post-discharge medications to ensure that there are no duplications, omissions, adverse side effects, or drug interactions.

  • · Planning for return home

  • · Determining the need for caregiver training or other forms of assistance

  • · Referrals to a home care agency and/or community support groups as appropriate.

  • · Scheduling subsequent appointments or tests

  • · Point of contacts – ensuring you have the name and email address of your point of contact for care-related questions, as well as a phone number where you can receive assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Avodah Home Care has created a program that complements the discharge planning from a medical facility. Avodah Home Care has developed an approach for dual discharge. This program trains devoted caregivers to follow the client’s care plan that was implemented at the skilled nursing facility, hospital, etc.

Avodah collaborates with discharge planners, social workers, and nursing directors to ensure that the care plan developed in their facility is adhered to. Meeting the caregivers in the skilled nursing facility before returning home enables the client to develop a rapport with the caregiver. It is stated that when clients like and trust their caregivers, their chances of recovery improve significantly. When the client is actively involved in developing the care plan and hiring the caregiver, the client’s rehabilitation statistics improve.

With the same caregiver from the skilled nursing facility, providing care in the home; the client will have a lower risk of readmission. This is one of Avodah’s flagship programs. This initiative is intended to benefit not just the customer, but also all stakeholders, including skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation institutes, and hospitals. It enables Avodah to form strong relationships with the aforementioned facilities and improves their outcomes by reducing their readmission rates.

Special Discharge Plans

We offer 3 Packages for Same Day Services (Hospital Discharge). We are able to develop Long Term and Intermediate Care Plans.

Package A—Discharge and Setup

  • 4 Hours of Service
  • $250

Package B—First 5 Days Home

  • 4 hours of Service
  • $599

Package C—First Week Home

  • 7 days of service
  • 12 hours
  • $2100

With Avodah Home Care’s dual discharge program, everyone wins. The facility’s Medicare reimbursement rates increase, the client’s health improves and Avodah has the ability to serve the community in a needed capacity.

Find out more about how Avodah is improving outcomes throughout South Carolina. Call us at 803-764-4048 to learn more about how we can help your bottom line.

Katrecia Belgrave

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